DVD 100 min. IMDB 6.1
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De Schippers van de Kameleon
Bridge Pictures (2003)
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Nederland  /  Nederlands

Steven de Jong Heit Klinkhamer
Saar Koningsberger Esther Bleeker
Joep Sertons Doctor
Maarten Spanjer Gerben
Peter Tuinman Mr. Bleeker
Willeke van Ammelrooy Mrs. Bleeker
Jos van der Donk Sietse Klinkhamer
Koen van der Donk Hielke Klinkhamer
Dominique van Vliet Mem Klinkhamer
Rense Westra Zwart

Regisseur Steven de Jong; Marc Willard
Producent Klaas de Jong; Frans Papp
Schrijver Jean Ummels; Hotze de Roos
Componist Ronald Schilperoort

Hielke and Sietse Klinkhamer are twins and live in a village in the Netherlands. In the village they are known as troublemakers and nobody can keep them apart. The twins only have one big wish; they really want their own boat. But boats are expensive and their parents can’t afford one. With a little luck father Klinkhamer manages to buy a cheap boat for the boys. It is broken, but the twins fix it and call the boat ‘De Kameleon’. Meanwhile a girl named Esther has come to live in the village with her uncle and aunt, after her parents passed away. The boys find her attractive; she doesn’t show any interest in them though. Then a disaster happens, a huge tornado is heading for the village. The town’s doctor is caught off guard and ends up in the river with his car. Luckily the twins come to help him with their boat and save his life. In return the doctor gives them the cars engine, which they can use for ‘De Kameleon’. However the doctor wasn’t the only one who got caught in the tornado, Esther’s uncle got caught in it as well and didn’t make it out alive. Esther’s aunt collapses and has to be taken to a clinic, leaving Esther on her own. Esther moves in with the Klinkhamer family. Follow the twins in their journey to win Esther’s heart and to help out the village with their boat ‘De Kameleon’.

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Streepjescode 871198345723
Regio Alle Regio's
Release Datum 2003
Scherm Verhouding 1.85:1
Geluidssporen Dolby Digital 5.1 [Nederlands]
DTS 5.1 [Nederlands]
Lagen Enkelzijdig, Enkellaags
Aantal Disks/Banden 1

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